Dolce Berries come in a 12 piece assortment. Each assortment is comprised of fresh strawberries hand-dipped in premium chocolate. The Standard Assortment is: 2 dark chocolate, 2 white chocolate, 2 dark chocolate covered in nuts, 2 white chocolate covered in nuts, and 4 white chocolate coated in the color of your choice. You can choose to have the plain dark and white chocolate decorated with chocolate swirl or edible gold swipes. We can customize the assortment to your liking, but altered assortments with more than 4 colored berries will include an additional charge.

The Ultimate Dolce Berry Experience involves our Shot Injectors. Just fill the Shot Injectors with the alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage of your choice and insert the injector into the berry. Then, either shoot the beverage into the berry just before eating or remove the injector, take the shot and quickly eat the berry!

Because this is a perishable food item, Dolce Berries are shipped next day and shipping costs are slightly higher than typical.

Glitter Disclaimer: The brand of edible glitter we offer is a non-toxic, inert substance which doesn't flavor the food or bleed color. It's not digested by the body, but passes through your system harmlessly. It has no calorific value. It contains additives which are usually harmless but on very rare occasions, as with any food item, may cause an allergic reaction. If you would like more details, please contact us.

Dolce Berries


*IMPORTANT: Due to our berries being prepared FRESH per order and shipped NEXT DAY, you will be given the option of when you would like the berries delivered and that day will be at minimum three days after your order is place, so please plan accordingly.

FedEx Delivery Times:

Monday-Friday before 10:30am

Saturdays before 12:00pm

*We are not responsible for any delays caused by delivery issues such as inclement weather. Please contact FedEx at 1 (800) 463-3339 if this occurs.

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    *Dark Chocolate Berry 1

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    *White Chocolate Berry 1

    *White Chocolate Berry 2

    If you would like up to 4 colored berries, please select them as Berries 1-4. Any custom assortment with more than 4 colored berries will include an additional $1.00 charge per extra berry. 

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